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The Preverts appeared in many television series, It’s only right Senator Lance (Les Lye) and Valerie Prevert (Abby Hagyard) get to tell the sorta real and twisted tales of of a dysfunctional family.

Christine  -  Lisa  -  Kevin  -  Alasdair  -  Stephanie  -  Doug  -  Vanessa  
Teddy  -  Elisabeth  -  Justin  -  Eugene

“Yes Dear?”

When Nickelodeon joined onto production, first change was that the show needed a mom once Roberta Prevert and baby Samuel (Ruth Buzzi) had left after Whatever Turns You On.  

Originally, Abby Hagyard was hired by Roger Price however, Nickelodeon had their doubts that Hagyard could pull off a stay-at-home mom with beautiful manicured hands.

So she went out and bought a bunch of Rubber Gloves. Those same gloves that saved her as mom also became an iconic representative of moms everywhere. Valerie Prevert is not the only NickMom we’ll be celebrating.

Stay Tuned.

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Hello everyone! I hope that everyone has had a great summer. I was able to see many students this summer at Christie Lake Camp

we had a great group there this summer and it was wonderful to see how our emphasis on developing community partnerships translated into so many students having a great camp experience.

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